A 3D artist specializing in interiors for virtual and real world applications, I have a wide range of experience in built environments. Early in my career, I gained experience in the role of production assistant and set dresser for television studios in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

A growing desire for a greater hands-on approach to spatial planning moved me to Chicago to pursue more education in the field of interior design. While learning about the more traditional aspects of design I increasingly realized, being a gamer as well as a designer, that I absolutely love the relationships between interior and exterior architecture and its use in game level design.

My experience in the field of electronic games, thus far, has been in animation and a number of PC game prototypes. Personal projects, as well as pursuits undertaken in collaboration with the Indie Video Game Developers Association, keep interior environment design front and center in my work.

For project assistance or consultation please contact me at: tanyajones3d@gmail.com